But right now, at this moment in time, we just can't think of it.

The scene, which was debuted on YouTube channel The Star Wars Show was an alternate take on Captain Phasma's confrontation with Finn and completely changes how the scene ends. Obviously, don't click the video if you haven't seen the film.

So, why was the scene cut? Our best guess is that they wanted to leave it ambiguous about Captain Phasma's fate in The Last Jedi. If you recall, we see the platform collapse and her disappear into a cloud of smoke and fire - which, as anyone who's seen a film or read a book will tell you, means it's being left open. Unless you see the actual corpse, it's possible they can brought back.

In some cases, you can even see it and it's still possible to bring the character back. Just look at Kingsman and how they brought back Colin Firth after he was shot in the head in the first one.


Via YouTube