'Back to the Future' Day (Oct. 21) rolls ever closer and while it's been announced that we're going to be getting some fancy alternate-timeline 2015 Pepsi, it looks like that's not the only thing bleeding through the space-time continuum.

Yes, after years of internet hoaxes, the actual date that Marty and Doc travel to in 'Back to the Future Part II' is finally rolling around and while Holomax cinemas may not exist, a trailer for 'Jaws 19', 2015 Hill Valley's big blockbuster, certainly does.

It doesn't give much in the way of plot, but it does fill us in on what happened in 'Jaws 5' through 'Jaws 18' and you have to admit, it's clever marketing from Universal.

Unfortunately, as amazing as 'Jaws 19' sounds, it's not going to be appearing on cinema or TV screens anytime soon. What will be available though is a special 30th Anniversary Edition of the trilogy with some new bonus features starring everyone's favourite mad scientist.

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