Wow, it seems like FIFA's troubles just aren't coming to an end. If anything, they're getting worse.

Let's backtrack for a minute - FIFA bankrolled this film to the tune of £16 MILLION, in which Sepp Blatter is portrayed as a young upstart who revolutionises the game and turns into the professional world we know it today.

It's premiered at Cannes with Gerard Depardieu (who plays Jules Rimet, creator of the World Cup) in attendance at said premiere, along with Blatter himself.

It hasn't even been released yet and the iMDB score has it at 3.1 out of a possible 10.

And the best part? It's highly unlikely to see an official release in Ireland any time soon. No studio has picked it up for distribution in Ireland or the UK, so will it ever see the light of a cinema?

Probably not.

Take a look and weep for humanity.