You might think that's an odd combination, but when you see the trailer it'll all make sense.

No, that's actually a lie. None of it makes sense and that's what it makes SO DAMN GOOD. The Lonely Island may not be everyone's particular cup of tea, but Andy Samberg's career has skyrocketed since his time on SNL and with Lonely Island. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has done consistently well in ratings whilst Storks looks set to be one of the biggest animated comedies of the year.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping sees Samberg play Justin Bieber Connor4Real, a vain and self-involved pop sensation whose career is beginning to wane as he collapses under the weight of his own awfulness. What do we mean by awfulness? Well, for one, he took a dump in the Anne Frank house and he called Mona Lisa the original Basic Bitch.

If that's enough, he even hired Seal to sing at his engagement announcement and then releases wild wolves to maul both Seal and the press. Which he invited. Whatever about the press being mauled by angry wolves, Seal is a musical genius. Kiss From A Rose was the greatest song of the '90s and possibly the greatest ever tie-in song.

Right, that's enough on that. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping hits Irish cinemas on June 3rd.