One small town just wasn't big enough for Eddie Durkan and the gang so those Hardy Bucks went and made their very own feature film! The Hardy Bucks Movie sees the lads leave the lights of Castletown behind and set off an a great big European adventure.

The film follows Eddie and the 'Bucks as they make the journey to Poland for Euro 2012. They've got their very own caravan and get up to their usual antics on the road. "It wouldn't have been the most luxurious exodus now in fairness. There was a bit of help from my Uncle Mick and we used a Toyota Hiace. She was on her last legs, she was about to calf," Durkan told the lads at RTE. "

It was very cramped. We furnished it with hay and straw just to throw the lads in the back. It was like what the old fella did in London in the 60s. It was no different. Sure people are spoilt these days with mod-cons like plumbing and electricity and beds and stuff, you know. We were just living the good life on the road. Real men, farting in the van." Charming stuff, as always!

The Hardy Bucks Movie hits Irish cinemas on February 22nd.