For anyone who frequented SomethingAwful in the mid-00s or is familiar with the term "creepypasta", Slender Man should sound familiar.

For everyone else, the general gist is that Slender Man was a part of this found-footage series on YouTube called Marble Hornets which saw a creepy, long-armed figure appear in the background of some of videos and was linked to a number of murders. There were a number of violent incidents involving teenagers that were supposedly inspired by Slender Man from 2014 to around 2015, including one which involved two twelve-year old girls stabbing a fellow teenager. A HBO documentary was made on the subject which covered both the phenomenon and the events surrounding the stabbing.

Slender Man, however, looks more like a straightforward horror film and even lists Eric Knudsen, also known as Victor Surge - who is credited with creating Slender Man - as one of the screenwriters. The other screenwriter, it should be noted, is David Birke - who wrote last year's excellent psychological thriller Elle, with Isabelle Huppert.

Slender Man hits Irish cinemas on May 18th. Here's the trailer.