In the next year or two, we're going to be seeing a lot more videogame films. Why's that, you ask?

Well, for one, CBMs (comic-book movies) are becoming increasingly expensive for studios and since Marvel and DC have sewn up that entire genre, it's a bit of a gamble to do something out of the ordinary.

Secondly, there's an entire generation coming up who have played said videogames, much like those who read comics and know the universe already. That's a built-in audience right there.

Thirdly, videogame publishers are keen to capitalise on studios' desire for more films with built-in audiences like videogames. Yes, it's the perfect mix of commercialism and capitalism.

So, with that in mind, here's the first trailer to Hitman reboot, Hitman: Agent 47. You might recall Timothy Olyphant previously starred in an iteration of this a few years ago.

It wasn't great, basically.

Still, that hasn't deterred anyone from making this. Rupert Friend, who you may known as Quinn from Homeland, stars as Agent 47 - a superhuman assassin whose powers include hyper-intelligence, super-strength and being bald.

Star Trek's Zachary Quinto and our own Ciaran Hinds also star in this videogame adaptation.

So, initial thoughts? We've previously said that we're pinning our hopes for the first good videogame film to be Duncan Jones' Warcraft. We expect a trailer for that any day now.

As with Hitman: Agent 47, we're not hopeful. For one, the CGI in this looks pretty weak and the dialogue, we're said to say, looks like it was pulled straight from the first PlayStation game.

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