The first full trailer for the star-studded The Counsellor has just dropped and boy does it look like a cinematic thrill ride.

Sure to be jam packed with twists and turns, Ridley Scott's The Counsellor finds lawyer Michael Fassbender in over his head upon embroiling himself in the messy business of drug trafficking. We're probably jumping the gun here but it's highly likely this film will be on everyone's tongue come awards season.

2014 will certainly prove to be a big year for the Kerry-born actor, what with 12 Years a Slave already garnering lots of Oscar nods as well. Fassbender stars alongside Brad Pitt in both movies.

Like us, those of you fed up with action oriented blockbuster after action oriented blockbuster will be chomping at the bit to get your teeth into a decent drama that actually asks you to tap in to that lumpy, squidgy thing residing in your head, otherwise known as a brain. When's the last time you left the cinema asking questions, seriously?