The internet may have already reached peak 'what this kid looks like now' stories, but the loss of the great David Bowie last week had a lot of folk talking about his role in the classic eighties movie Labyrinth as the Goblin King.

The movie, which is a childhood favourite of many, told the story of a young girl who wished her baby brother was taken away so some goblins granted her wish and did so, leading her to take on an adventure through the fantastical Labyrinth. 

The girl in question was of course Jennifer Connelly, who since went on to star in the likes of Requiem for a Dream, Blood Diamond and won an Oscar for her role alongside Russell Crowe in a Beautiful Mind.

But about the baby?? Well the little one was played by a dude called Toby Froud, who is now 30 years old and works as a sculptor, fabricator and puppeteer, according to his Twitter bio. (We're assuming that last one had to have been influenced by his role in the film.)

Froud took to social media in recent days following the news of Bowie's death posting the below tribute, which includes a link to him breaking out ‘Dance Magic’ in memory of Bowie along with the message;

"This week the world lost an amazing man, one that was so impactful on so many of our lives, the art he contributed to this world touches us all on so many levels, I wish I had been able to meet him as an adult. RIP David Bowie forever the Goblin King.

"I found this clip from the first night of shooting "Lessons Learned". Tired and feeling silly we broke out "Dance Magic" in a celebration of Puppets, Film making and Bowie!"

Check it out...