Trailers for trailers are the bane of movie fans everywhere. Sure, we get that the first glimpse of new footage of our favourite film and that's cool.

But come on, a TRAILER for a TRAILER? No. Too much. We can't go for that. No can do.

Chief criminal in this super-awful trend is Marvel, who we love deeply, but can't forgive this crap.

Their upcoming feature Ant-Man - which has been fraught with difficulties - debuted an ant-sized trailer, with the real one landing in the coming days.

Honestly, like. Just don't release anything. It's not clever at all. You're just abusing people's good grace by throwing out this stuff.

Take a look, if you care. We'll have the full trailer when it lands on Tuesday.




Looks like there's a human-sized version of it. Maybe they heard us. Our point still stands about the trailers-for-trailers, though.