There’s no denying that Home Alone is a holiday classic and, heck, when it was voted the all-time favourite Christmas movie in our recent poll, that fact was merely confirmed.

Who can forget the mad traps set up by Kevin McAllister for the pair of burglars trying to rob his house?

For anyone who has ever wondered about the physics behind the traps, or asked whether it would be possible for the burglars to actually survive such savage attacks (c’mon, it’s occurred to all of us at some viewing or other), Youtuber Jake Roper has the answers.

Examining the door handle, paint can to the head, and crowbar to the chest tricks, Jake asks how likely it would be that a human could survive all three. It’s actually pretty fascinating – science is cool.

Uploaded earlier this month, the video (at the time of writing) has over 3 million views. Check it out here: