Well, we think it would have been funnier – the ending to Sausage Party as it stands feels somewhat sudden, though it does of course leave room open for a sequel.

The hit R-rated animated comedy (which is now reportedly going for Oscar glory) was produced by Seth Rogen (who also starred in it as the lead, Frank) and Evan Goldberg, and directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan.

It followed a bunch of talking food in a supermarket who gradually come to realise the horrible truth – that their supposed ‘gods’, namely humans, want to eat them. The ending sees the main group of them come across another realisation – that they themselves aren’t even real, but rather the fictional creations of ‘Seth Rogahn’ and others. They enter a portal which will bring them to the real world.

In an alternate ending (which can be seen in its unfinished form below, presumably because they decided relatively early on that this wasn’t the ending they wanted) released via iTunes movies, the foods do enter the human world and see some of their real life counterparts – Rogen, Edward Norton and Michael Cera – who they are disgusted by.

According to co-director Vernon, it was cut because ‘We weren’t getting the bang for our buck’, but we figure it was changed, as aforementioned, to leave open possibilities for the sequel.

See it for yourselves: