Ryan Reynolds has revealed that he "failed" an audition he did for the Coen Brothers' Inside Lewyn Davis

As part of Variety's Actors on Actors series, Reynolds sat down for a chat with Hidden Figures star (and potential award contender) Taraji P. Henson to discuss their craft. At one stage, Henson asked Reynolds about his most recent audition. 

"I auditioned and failed for the Coen Brothers"  he said. 

"It wasn't the right fit unfortunately" Reynolds said before jokingly adding "Mostly because they're very high class. They were just quietly shaking their heads. 'What are you doing here? Do you have a SAG card?'"

Reynolds didn't specify if it was the lead role of Lewyn Davis (which eventually went to Oscar Isaac) or one of the supporting roles. Ultimately, the film went on to propel Isaac to greater stardom and Reynolds instead went on to make Deadpool so ultimately, we're all winners with the end result.

Henson also revealed her last audition was for Shonda Rhimes' Scandal for the role of Olivia Pope, which of course was eventually brought to life by Kerry Washington. 

“Thank God Kerry got it,” she said. “It was 
her job.”