Robert Sheehan's dream island holiday swiftly turns into a drug fueled nightmare in the trailer for his next feature, Jet Thrash.

The film sees Sheehan in the lead role of Lee, a 20 something lad who heads off to the Indian island of Goa with his best mate Sol (Osy Ikhile) in pursuit of hedonistic lifestyle. However things take a sharp turn when the mysterious Vix (Star Trek Beyond's Sofia Boutella) comes on the scene and drags the pair into a deal with Craig Parkinson's merciless mobster. 

As the trailer shows, the film looks like Danny Boyle's The Beach only shot through a psychedelic lens.

Jet Thrash is just one of several projects that Sheehan has got lined up in the coming months. He's currently filming a comedy by Blackadder creator, Ben Elton. After that he's got Bad Samaritan from Hollywood producer Dean Devlin

There's no Irish release date for the film as of yet but here's hoping the film makes it over to these shores at some point this year.