Forget Twilight and The Hunger Games (well no, don't forget The Hunger Games; that's still going strong and will be returning to stir our deep-seated teenage angst once more come November), as for now, it's all about The Mortal Instruments.

Haven't heard of it? Well thankfully our Sarah is about as obsessed as they come and has compiled this fact sheet of all you need to know to be up with the shadowhunters and warlocks.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the stars of the movie - our very own Robert Sheehan, Phil Collins daughter Lily and the brooding Jamie Campbell Bower - for a quick chat about their crazy fans, the love triangle plot point that's sure to get the young'uns toting 'Team Simon' and 'Team Jace' pickets and the very pertinent issue, plaguing society today: friendzoning.

Check out my interview with director Harald Zwart here.

The Mortal Instruments hits Irish cinemas today (previews) and you can catch it everywhere come Friday.