With the exception of maybe the Golden Globes, most award ceremonies around this time of year are usually stodgy enough affairs.

People are sewn into tuxedos and dresses, fawning pleasantries are exchanged at the podium and it's usually one film striking out over all. The Writer's Guild of America Aawards last night, however, was for "the alcoholic shut-ins" of the industry, as described by host Patton Oswalt.

In a particularly biting opening monologue, Oswalt laid into the Grand Imperial Cheeto himself, Donald Trump, and even managed to piss off James Woods. In fact, as you'll see in the video below, Woods even went for Oswalt - albeit in a jovial and good-natured way - during the speech. And no, according to Oswalt, the bit with Woods wasn't planned.

Take a look.