If you didn't get a chance to see 2013's Blue Ruin, sort that out now because it's probably the best film you've never seen. Really.

In fact, off the back of how well-received Blue Ruin was, director Jeremy Saulnier was reportedly offered the role of directing all of True Detective's second season. For whatever reason, he turned it down and decided to press on with his film career.

Green Room has been hotly anticipated for some time and the early word is good. Very, very good. Patrick Stewart plays Darcy, a manager of a backwater nightclub in Oregon that's home to a pretty unsavoury element. When Anton Yelchin and his punk band, The Ain't Rights, turn up to play their final gig before disbanding, they happen upon something that they definitely shouldn't have seen.

Those who've seen Green Room are making comparisons to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and calling it more crime than horror. All we know is that we're excited.

Take a look.

Pretty damn scary, right? Patrick Stewart's never really done a villainous role on film and, to be honest, he's an interesting choice to play the leader of a group of skinheads. What's more, Blue Ruin was just fantastic and we've no doubt director Jeremy Saulnier can follow up here.

Don't be in the least bit surprised if this turns up at this year's Audi Dublin International Film Festival, either, as it's due for wide release on April 15th and has already done a fairly extensive festival circuit.


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