Really, the Oscar season opens up earlier and earlier each year until you get to a stage where it's no longer the October to December section, it's around about now and instead of it being period dramas with career-defining performances, it's movies with Jason Statham and gigantic CGI sharks.

The Meg, which isn't a reference to Meg Ryan, is a gigantic prehistoric shark known as the Megalodon who hunts presumably by bumping into deep-ocean research centres and then somehow finding out that human flesh tastes better than octopodes - it's the plural for octopus, look it up - and whatever else Meg Ryan's been chomping on for the past thousand-odd years.

Also, let's point out that Bobby Darin's Beyond The Sea has never before been used in a B-movie environment before, so hats off to the trailer people for this.

The Meg does a fish-related pun into Irish cinemas on August 10th.