After yesterday's poster reveal of Irishman Jack Reynor getting his very own mammoth billboard one sheet for Transformers: Age of Extinction, today we're treated to the full theatrical trailer of Michael Bay's fourth outing in the Transformer series.

What can we glean from this newly released footage? Well it appears that after the events of the previous Transformers flick, Mark Wahlberg's character, a down and out mechanic of sorts intent on stripping vehicles for scrap, stumbles on the wreckage of good ole Optimus Prime, fires him up and then gets a visit from some shady government types who seem set on eliminating all alien bots once and for all. Cue sexy girl, explosions, etc.

Nice to see Jack Reynor getting all of zero lines in the trailer, and yet we're treated to umpteen shots of Nicola Peltz as Mark Wahlberg's daughter either chastising him or getting into trouble (because all women do in the world of Michael Bay besides look pretty is moan and need saving). This is clearly going to be a Wahlberg-fest. But who cares, because Dinobots.

Yes, we get more footage of the best bots in the Transformers universe in this trailer as Optimus Prime throws down with Grimlock AKA T-Rex-bot, as well as tonnes of alien spaceships, explosions, fighting and general Bay standards. Transformers: Age of Extinction hits Irish cinemas July 10th.