You would think that after all of this time, we'd just not bother going up into space anymore. There just seems to be nothing but trouble up there for us, and we can't remember the last time a movie took us into space and it ended up being a positive thing for humanity.

With that in mind, we still do love a good science fiction based horror movie, which is exactly what The Last Days On Mars looks like!

Directed by Academy-Award nominated Irishman Ruairi Robinson (you may have seen some of his short films, such as BlinkyTM, 50 Percent Grey or The Silent City), and filled out with an impressive cast list including Liev Schrieber, Olivia Williams (looking a little Sigourney Weaver-esque to us) and Elias Koteas.

It reminds us of the likes of Moon, Alien, Sunshine and Prometheus, all of which are good things are our book, The Last Days Of Mars should hit Irish cinemas in December.