Explosions and violence alert, the red band trailer for Homefront starring the Muscles from, er, England Jason Statham has dropped.

Statham will play a former DEA agent who moves to a sleepy town with his young daughter. It doesn't stay quiet for long though as he encounters a presumably menacing drug trafficking crew led by James Franco. (Also, is Franco trying to tell us something? He plays a drug addled character in every second film.)

The best thing about this movie however, is that the screenplay was written by none other than Sylvester Stallone, the original action man himself and Statham's mentor (probably).

Directed by Gary Fleder (Kiss the Girls, Runaway Jury) and co-starring Kate Bosworth, WInona Ryder, Vincent D'Onofrio and Mischa Barton, Homefront will hit Irish screens in early December.