KAIJU! No, there's no need to bless us. We didn't sneeze, we're just talking the latest in alien monsters. Predator eat your heart out, these lads are absolutely wreckin the gaff in San Francisco in the latest clip from Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming sci-fi drama Pacific Rim.

Set around, well, you guessed it, the Pacific Rim, Del Toro's first first film since 2008's Hellboy sees the Earth under attack by giant aliens known as Kaiju. Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Ron Perlman and Rinko Kikuchi head up the cast of the film which is set to hit Irish cinemas in July 2013.

Cue the hysterical newscasters and some amateur footage of death and destruction! The clip features a series of television news clips from around the world, chronicling the attack as it begins in California. We hear the screenplay is coming courtesy of Clash of the Titans writer Travis Beacham. Here's hoping he's done things a little differently this time around.