If there's one movie for which actors of all fame levels have no qualms in beginning for a role, it's Star Wars; the recently released Force Awakens and the forthcoming follow-up installment.

Thankfully, SNL gives these hopefuls the perfect platform on which they can demonstrate their unquestionable thespian abilities. Matthew McConaughey is the latest in a long line of actors (including Jon Hamm and Emma Stone) to reveal that he too gave it a (hilarious) shot, but sadly, he never made the cut. What could have been! In this audition clip, he reckons it's time to reunite with Lando Calrissian while Jennifer Lawrence (played to perfection by Vanessa Bayer) fancied herself as Capt. Phasma - which wound up going to Gwendoline Christie - assuming that tripping over her cape will secure her a coveted part. It should have. Props to John Boyega, actual star of The Force Awakens, whose comedy chops demand attention.

Well played, SNL, as always.