Who can forget the delights of Home Alone? – its message about the importance of family, even if you are ignored by them; that all you need to defend yourself against a couple of robbers is a bunch of pranks; and its side-lining of the issue of parental neglect.

While former child actor Macaulay Culkin has gone on to have something of an obscure career, and Joe Pesci, who played bad guy Harry, continued to have an illustrious career, Pesci’s (literal) partner in crime, played by Daniel Stern, has been somewhat quieter, although he continues to act.

The internet is currently going mad with glee at this video which has just surfaced of Stern capturing a tarantula, which references a scene in Home Alone in which a tarantula is dropped on Stern's character Marv's face:

Stern has a great old laugh about the irony of it, even recreating his iconic scream from the film.

Here’s a shot from the original scene in case you’ve forgotten it (we were going to include a gif but it was too creepy...):