You'll be just as surprised as we were.

M. Night Shyamalan's been off the boil for in and around ten years. Basically, since Lady In The Water. Since then, his career has pretty much nosedived right into the ground.

Remember The Happening with Mark Wahlberg? Yeah, we thought that was a comedy when we first saw it. Seriously.

Anyway, Shyamalan appears to be returning his low-budget, high-concept horror roots with The Visit.

Two kids, who are amateur filmmakers, are sent to their grandparents for a short visit whilst their mother's off working.

As you'd expect, things aren't what they seem and, sure enough, it all gets pretty sinister.

Speaking of Sinister, Blumhouse - the production company behind Sinister, Paranormal Activity and Insidious - are backing the film, so that's double the horror credentials.

Look, it's one trailer so we're not heralding this as a return to form, but it's definitely promising.

See for yourself.