Hugh Jackman is saying goodbye to Wolverine in the best way possible if this leaked version of the 'Logan' trailer is anything to go by.

Jackman's natural human aging has always been a problem for the X-Men spin-off franchise but it seems like they're playing to their strengths with the last in the 'Wolverine' series by setting the action in 2024, in which ole Wolvie is older, his powers weaker but his attitude is by no means less angry.

The trailer sees a lone Wolverine in a world without mutants being approached by Professor Xavier and tasked with protecting a girl 'very like' him from forces seeking out to destroy all mutant life. Also starring Patrick Stewart, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Stephen Merchant, Doris Morgado and Eriq La Salle, this looks like it may actually make up for the disappointments that were the previous Wolverine movies and give the character the sendoff he deserves.

And it also looks like they'll be taking a leaf out of the 'Deadpool' book and making the most of that higher rating.

'Logan' is set for release in Ireland on March 2nd, 2017.

We'll update you with the real trailer once it drops later today.

Via Comic Book News


Here's the official trailer as expected in glorious HD.