OK you won't usually find us promoting/sharing trailers for erotic thrillers, but this one stars Lindsay Lohan so it's kind of piqued our interest, in that it'll be anthropologically fun to watch on account of how God-awful you just know it will be and how tragic an actress Lohan has become since starring as Dennis Quaid's daughter. To think that this is the same girl who stole our hearts in The Parent Trap not so many moons ago. *sigh*

It's quite sad really; too much botox, lipstick that fails to stay on her actual lips, and too much alcohol and drug abuse has stripped Lindsay entirely of the on-screen charm she gave us as a fresh faced 18 year old in Mean Girls (which next year will be 10 years old, what the actual fudgesickle). Her voice is no longer the clear, Disney-princess tone we got with Freaky Friday. Now, it sounds like she smokes about 60 fags a day, which may or may not be true.

She demonstrated some acceptable chops with these movies, even if they were just the kind of chops that'd impress people between the age of 5 and 15. She did the comedy thing well, even if it never progressed beyond Mean Girls. And as a kid? Well, is there girl out there who didn't enjoy The Parent Trap when it came out? You SO wanted to be her best friend.

To see Lindsay croak her way through a trailer for this 'neo-noir' erotic movie, where zero acting skills are required and all we're likely to see her do is shag someone, is rather unsettling.

If anything, it'd be enough to put you entirely off the idea of fame at a young age. How many peolpe's lives have been ruined by too much money and a celebrity status before they'd even hit 30? Lindsay's only 27. Sad face.