Teaser trailers are ridiculous. Let's make that absolutely clear.

We don't cover them usually because, well, it's a trailer for a trailer. That's just pointlessly redundant. Sure, it's all about getting people hyped up for a film and we've all got a job to do, but come on - a trailer for a trailer? No.

With that in mind, the only reason we're talking about this teaser for a teaser of Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the fact that it's literally five seconds long and has the full teaser embedded in it.

You think we're joking, but no. Take a look.

If you go through a frame-by-frame breakdown - and we did, because we're that kind of people - there's tons of images to be gleaned from it, including Julieanne Moore's character holding some kind of a burger in a '50s diner, a US President with a bright-red tie (Donald Trump?), Channing Tatum and Halle Berry hanging out, Jeff Bridges in a stetson, Michael Gambon, Taron Egerton with a suitcase-mounted rocket launcher and a semi-naked lady.

So, yeah, lots to see and it's all in five seconds. Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits Irish cinemas on September 29th.


Via YouTube