It may be a comedy classic and revered by Python fans across the globe, but turns out Monty Python and the Holy Grail was zero craic to make.

John Cleese spoke to Seth Meyers on his chat show last night and revealed that it was "miserable".

"It was Scotland in April and the weather in Scotland is really bad except for two weeks in September," he said.

"We were just miserable - we were wet - we got on the mountainside with that strange chainmail with knitted string. And after about ten minutes it would start to rain and we could afford about three umbrellas."

In fairness, it sounds pretty grim but at least they got some comedy gold out of it.

John Cleese also told Meyers that the reason coconut shells were used was because they couldn't actually afford horses while he also tells the story of how The Beatles George Harrison ended up funding The Life of Brian.

It's a great interview with John Cleese proving as charming and as funny as ever.

Watch below: