He may be back on the market after a rumoured split with Golden Globe winner Jennifer Lawrence but Nicholas Hoult is proving that he's more than capable making waves all by himself these days. The X Men: First Class star has two big movies hitting our cinema screens in the coming weeks and it looks like the only way is up... the beanstalk.

The first TV Spot for Bryan Singer's Jack The Giant Slayer arrived online today and it certainly takes us deeper into the magical lands of the movie. Jack's made the mistake of opening a portal between two worlds and errr. unleashing an army of bloodthirsty giants who really don't like humans.

With the likes of Ewan McGregor, Ian McShane and Stanley Tucci on board you really can't go far wrong. Here's hoping Hoult and Singer can get more than a few magic beans for their efforts. Jack The Giant Slayer is in Irish cinemas from March 8th.