Over the weekend, we finally got a peak at what Jared Leto will look like as The Joker in Daviad Ayer's Suicide Squad movie. 

Now, stick with us because this next bit is fairly surprising to many people, but it seems the internet wasn't happy with this at all. It turns out that there are people on things like forums and social media networks that actually enjoy complaining, and get themselves all worked up about things like this because it's really important stuff, and it seems that Leto's look is not popular. We know, we couldn't believe it either. 

Anyway, one of those smart internet types who's handy with video editing decided that they would cut together a clip of Jack Nicholson reacting to seeing that picture, and much like the rest of the internet, he doesn't take it too well. 

Of course, the internet has never been wrong about anything or rushed to judgement on something, so they must be right about this whole Joker thing. It might be best to just cancel the whole movie.

Via Mashable