Nothing warms the cockles of your heart more so than a Christmas themed movie. Especially one that involves the cutest kids in Britain, former Dr Who actor David Tennant and a donkey. Nativity 2 is - you guessed it - the follow up flick to the original Nativity film, starring our favourite hobbit, Martin Freeman. While in London to interview the cast of Twilight, I also got the opportunity to sit down with two of my favourite British actresses of all time, Joanna Page (massive Gavin and Stacey fan) and Jessica Hynes (in general she's just deadly, but particularly dear to my heart is her turn as Cheryl, the fat next door neighbour from The Royle Family who considers roast chicken flavoured crisps and Terry's Chocolate Oranges as healthy snacks). Joanna stars here as David Tennant's very pregnant wife while Jessica stars as Angel, the once sensational singer from Wales who heads up the coveted 'A Song For Christmas' competition. Marc Wooton returns as the effervescent Mr Poppy who I also had the pleasure of speaking with. And also there on the was director Debbie Isitt who spoke to me about the challenges associated with a script-less film. When you consider that almost everything in this movie was improvised, it becomes all the more impressive.

Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger hits cinemas tomorrow. Watch the interviews here!