Earlier this week we had the opportunity to talk to some of the cast of the George Clooney's latest directorial effort, The Monuments Men (review HERE).

We were SUPPOSED to be interviewing Bill Murray, but once we got to London we found out that he had cancelled his interviews for the afternoon. However, we did get to see him walk around the halls of the lovely Claridges Hotel where the interviews were taking place, and between sitting on the laps of his helplessly giggling PAs, quoting Caddyshack and/or Scrooged ("I'll make you bark like a dog!") and finally wandering off for a quick massage before recording The Graham Norton Show that evening.

But down to the actual interviews we DID get! First up, we got to talk to Bob "Dad of Phoebe Buffay!" Balaban on what it was like working with Clooney, Murray, and being put through boot camp, even if the most trying thing for him was trying his own boots!

Then we got to talk to young up'n'coming actor Dimitri Leonidas, who has appeared in the likes of Centurion and Doctor Who, and here plays a character called Sam Epstein, who was in turn inspired by real life Monuments Man Harry Ettlinger. And, as an added bonus, we also got to talk to the man himself, Harry Ettlinger, the last surviving member of The Monuments Men!