So you're all eagerly awaiting the arrival of X-Men: Days of Future Past into our cinemas, right? Unfortunately, you'll have to wait 'til May 2014 to feast your eyes on the full feature, but not to worry, there's plenty to keep you going in the interim. With The Wolverine out of the way, promotion for the next X-Men installment is now underway, and they've just launched a Trask Industries viral site to whet your insatiable apetities, filled with videos, images, plot teasers and more.

Some of you are so taken with the whole franchise, you've probably given thought to what it'd be like to live within the world in which it's set. While I hate to break it to you that it is just fiction - soz, bbz - this well made, ever-so-creepy viral video would easily have you think otherwise.

Plenty more to be enjoyed here.

Wondering what we're most excited for? Peter. Dinklage. Nuff. Said. (Well that's four words; oops). Dinklage willl star as Bolivar Trask, who's said to have founded the company in 1967.