As rumours swirl regarding the follow-up to Straight Outta Compton, you'd be forgiven for thinking if filmmakers are reticent to take on the huge impact of Tupac Shakur.

As it stands, nothing's happening officially as of yet with Tupac Shakur and his official biopic. Not to worry, though - China's got the answer whether you like it or not.

The Chinese production will - and we're basing this solely on what we've been able to piece together from this bizarre trailer - follow the life of Tupac Shakur's rise and a young Chinese hip-hop enthusiast who's trying to piece together what happened to the rapper.

Maybe it's about the whole rumours surrounding Shakur's faked death? Or maybe it's just a terribly edited trailer that was banged together on Windows Movie Maker.

Take a look.

Yeah, we don't have a clue either. Also, is that music from The Dark Knight or something?

If this ever winds up online, we are fully prepared to review it and if you're involved with this film, please send us link because we need to see this.

Also, that guy playing Tupac looks absolutely nothing like him whatsoever. Is this the Fatal Deviation of hip-hop biopics? Because we're ready for that to happen.


Via YouTube