Ghost In The Shell is often cited alongside Akira and Perfect Blue as one of the most influential anime films in recent years.

A live-action remake had been mooted for many years, and now at last, it's finally on its way to our screens. The futuristic thriller sees Scarlett Johansson play The Major, a woman who was reconstituted using highly advanced robotics to serve Section 9, a security agency that works to stop cyber-criminals and hackers who are trying to stop the birth of artificial intelligence.

The trailer doesn't tell all that much to outsiders, but fans of the anime will definitely recognise a few bits and pieces - as well as the infamous stealth suit that the Major wears.

Take a look.

It does look like Rupert Sanders has nailed the futuristic neo-noir feel of Ghost In The Sheel and the choice of Depeche Mode definitely works; it all just depends on how people will respond to it. Despite the accusations of white-washing from certain quarters, original director Mamoru Oshii has praised the film and believes that Johansson is an excellent choice for the role.

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