It's been quite the year for Hollywood so there were no real surprises from Jimmy Kimmel's opening monologue at last night's 90th Academy Awards, but what there was was time for Kimmel to be quite sincere about issues facing the entertainment industry and beyond and be funny at the same time.

Kimmel kicked things off with an old-Hollywood black and white intro that skewered guests and Hollywood alike, before making his own grand entrance.

Once he was on stage, Kimmel got started on his long list of topics to get through, including Harvey Weinstein, #MeToo, last year's Best Picture gaffe, Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams' pay disparity and a lot more. But it wasn't all seriousness, as nominees got a bit of a ribbing from the host, and he set up that very serious and genuine jet ski giveaway for shortest acceptance speech.

No, really.