Green Day might have moved far more into the pop-end of pop-punk, but back in the day, Dookie had a real edge to it.

The album had more than a few classics, including When I Come Around, She and - of course - Basket Case. But is the song so ubiquitous that it could be mashed-up with over 100 movies?

Yes, the answer is yes. Here's Basket Case mashed-up with over 109 movies.

The list of movies is pretty amazing, including 300, Ted, Monsters Inc., Slumdog Millionaire, Scarface, The Emperor's New Groove and even Goodfellas and Tommy Wiseau's The Room.

YouTuber UnusualSuspect has done a few of these in the past, including a version of Lord of the Rings ala Suicide Squad and what Pierce Brosnan would be like if he came back as Bond.


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