It's fair to say we got a pretty good return from Super Bowl 50 in terms of movie trailers. 

All in all there's been new spots for highly anticipated blockbusters (Captain America: Civil War) as well as full length trailers for movies we've seen very little of thus far (The Jungle Book). Throw in some neat commercials featuring some of your favourite superheros and you've got feast for your eyes.

We've taken the liberty to compile them all into one place for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows


The Jungle Book


Independence Day: Resurgence


10 Cloverfield Lane 




Gods of Egypt

The Secret Life of Pets

Alice: Through the Looking Glass


 X Men: Apocalyspe


Jason Bourne

Captain America: Civil War

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

 While technically speaking these aren't commercials, Turkish airlines did release two commercials set within the DC Universe and they are a lot of fun. 

Here's the Gotham one starring Bruce Wayne

 Here's the Metropolis one starring Lex luthor

And just for fun, here's the Ant-Man vs. The Hulk Coca-Cola commercial you always wanted.