If you're familiar with Trump henchman Steve Bannon's work, it should come as no surprise to you that he thought himself a screenwriter once upon a time.

As we've previously reported, Bannon tried to ingratiate himself into Hollywood by financing pet projects for the likes of Sean Penn and even penned a screenplay to help him become a Hollywood player. The screenplay was passed around studios primarily for comedic purposes, and with Bannon joining the Trump administration, it's taken on a sort of mythic status as to just how bad it is.

The general premise is a hip-hop musical set in Los Angeles that follows Shakespeare's Coriolanus, with references to the 1992 Rodney King riots. Yes, really. A fat, white guy thought he could write a screenplay about one of the most racially-charged incidents in recent US history and crowbar Shakespeare in there as well.

In a way, that kind of obliviousness is in keeping with the Trump Administration. So why are we talking about all this? Well, NowThis and a group of actors - including Rob Corddry and Jordan Black - have put together a table-read of Bannon's screenplay just to showcase how daft and shit it really is.

Take a look.


Via Facebook / NowThis