We wish we were joking when we say that this is a real, alternate ending to Titanic.

Spoiler alert, the ship sinks at the end of Titanic. After that though, old lady Rose throws that necklace (The Heart of the Ocean) in to the water, and that's that, of course, as we all remember. Queue Celine Dion music, roll credits, etc.

However, James Cameron decided that, just in case, he'd have a spare ending in the works so that if he needed, he could change things up a bit, so he produced this version where the rest of the crew try to stop Rose throwing the necklace away and, despite having spent the last few years of his life and a whole pile of money on trying to find this necklace, Bill Paxton's character decides that he "gets it", and doesn't mind it being thrown in to the water. Treasure is not like, about wealth, man, you're looking for it in all the wrong places, dude.

"That really sucks, lady!". Now there's some dialogue that was cruelly denied the chance to win an Oscar. In our humble opinion, this is the most laughably bizarre and terrible alternate ending to a movie since The Simpsons revealed there was another version of the classic final scene in Casablanca...

Via BuzzFeed. Main pic via SGNewWave.com