Mission Impossible: Fallout is being heralded as the best film in the six-flick franchise so far. Our own Brian Lloyd gave it a rare five star review.

The film’s writer and director Chris McQuarrie knows the trials and tribulations of Hollywood all too well. Despite winning an Oscar for his screenplay for The Usual Suspects, he found it tough getting his directorial debut made. So he made cult classic, The Way of the Gun, which while an under-performer at the time, has grown a passionate fanbase over the years.

He talks to Mike Sheridan on The Delve this week about the reaction to The Usual Suspects, The Way of the Gun and his shorthand with Tom Cruise after three films together.

Mike also spoke to one of MI: Fallout’s stars, Henry Cavill about stardom and how JiuJitsu helps the man of steel unwind.

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