The Star Wars Celebration took place last weekend and Harrison Ford attended the event for the first time.

He and George Lucas gave a short interview at one of the events in Orlando, Florida, and during it, Harrison Ford was asked if he was looking forward to the upcoming Han Solo film, based on what is probably his most iconic character.

“Not really,” Ford answered, but he also laughed and continued: “Of course I’ll be watching it as a fan, but it will be a little weird.”

Ford also talked about meeting Alden Ehrenreich (best-known for his role in Hail, Caesar!, he also currently stars in Rules Don’t Apply), who will be playing young Han: “But you know, I’ve met the fella who’s gonna play the younger Han Solo. Wonderful guy, very sweet, and a very good actor. So I’m delighted in the choice”.

He and Lucas also talked about the legacy of Star Wars and when asked about the death of his iconic character, Ford gave this rather brilliant answer: “To paraphrase Monty Python, ‘I’m not dead, I’m just resting.’”

Watch the interview here: