The first trailer for the George Clooney and Julia Roberts starring Money Monster has just arrived and it looks like it'll pack and emotional wallop. 

Clooney stars as Lee Gates, a loud, charismatic financial TV host who offers up stock advice on his hit cable TV show.  Roberts plays his producer Nancy Fenn, who has to deal with his chaotic nature on TV every day. Their day seems to be going like any other until Kyle Budwell (Jack O'Connell) a blue collar worker sick of the damage being done by wall street decides to take Gates hostage on live TV and tries get to the bottom of what happened during the market crash.

The film is the latest directorial effort from Jodie Foster and it looks like it will try and blend a hostage movie with some topical economic issues. 

Skins fans will be delighted to see Cook himself Jack O'Connell starring alongside Clooney and Roberts in what is a big step up for the young British actor. The supporting players are also strong with The Wire's Dominic West and Irish actress Catriona Balfe rounding out the cast. 

Via Empire