Gals, guns and Ryan Gosling: Gangster Squad really has got something for everyone eh? We're really looking forward to Ruben Fleischer's upcoming crime drama and not just because there's some fine lookin fellas and delicious dames among the cast.

Real-life1940s gangster Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) is at the centre of the movie. Back in the day he was targeted by a special LAPD task force, see. Sure is difficult to keep an East Coast mob boss down in Tinseltown. Ok, we promise, we'll stop with the 'gangsta' talk now. The 'Squad' dropped a new featurette, in which Gosling and the gang say they're hoping the film will be THE gangster movie for the next generation. Them are some high hopes you have there lads, we're gonna say it's still too early to call that one.

Gangster Squad was originally scheduled for release earlier this year but after the cinema shooting in Aurora the film was pushed back. The production team decided to reshoot a scene which featured the mobsters opening fire on an audience in Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. It hits Irish cinemas on January 11th.