Honestly, even comparing this to Get Out and Black Mirror is probably doing it a disservice - but it's the closest way we can describe it to you.

Set in an alternate-present day California, Get Out's Lakeith Stanfield is desperate for a job and finds himself working for a telemarketing company. After repeated failures at the job, he discovers a way of instant success at the job - putting on a white voice, which in the film sounds like David Cross from Arrested Development.

The trick works and he finds himself transported to the upper echelons of the company, but then comes the question of whether it's good to do something that's morally bankrupt if it provides for you - hence the Black Mirror bit. The film's got an incredible cast, which includes Armie Hammer, Tessa Thompson, Danny Glover, Terry Crews and Patton Oswalt.

It was a huge success at Sundance and SXSW, so don't be in the least bit surprised if this carries through to some kind of award season bothering at the latter end of 2018.

No Irish release date has been set as of yet.