Neill Blomkamp has been off the scene for some time and now, he's come back with what could be a potential successor to the much-loved District 9.

Chappie is the story of a robot who becomes self-aware. Found by scientist Dev Patel - that's the guy from Slumdog Millionaire and The Newsroom - the robot embarks on a coming-of-age story that sees him take in the world around him and develop.

We're still waiting on that promised sequel to District 9, however this looks like it can hold our attention. We loved Elysium - despite the fact Jodie Foster's voice completely threw us off.

Likewise, there appears to be a solid script behind this - a quasi-child robot grows up to become his own person? Amazing.

What's more, the likes of Chappie and Interstellar are showing that intelligent, original sci-fi is making a return to cinemas and audiences are happily eating them up.

Chappie is in cinemas March 6th, 2015.