The first trailer for James Corden's biographical movie based on the life and experience of one Mr Paul Potts has just dropped. It's sweet, it's heart wrenching (especially the part where Corden cries upon being told he's not good enough; *blubber*) and if the hairs on your arm don't stand on end upon the first viewing, we suggest you get your vitals checked.

We can't imagine anyone more suitable to take the inspiring story that gripped the British nation and inject some much needed comedy into the mix.

One Chance chronicles Potts' journey from regular Joe Bloggs, working in the Carphone Warehouse, with one distinctive, unwavering dream (to be an opera singer), right up to his experience on Britain's Got Talent.

Those reality TV junkies among us will remember vividly the moment the timid, quivering Potts opened his mouth to reveal the most breathtaking of voices; not a single person watching could ever have envisioned that such a voice would emerge.

It's not surprising to learn that SYCO is behind this; it was Cowell who first found him and we doubt if it was long after their first encounter that he knew there'd be a feature film just dying to be made, his business-like mind buzzing over in the presence of all that financial possibility. This is all a not so subtle reminder that the shows for which Cowell is responsible, The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent,  can be thanked for making countless dreams come true.

Alongside Corden, here you'll find our very own Colm Meaney offering up his best Welsh accent, Julie Walters who's never short of fantastic, Mackenzie Crook, Jemima Rooper and Simon Cowell himself (though that remains to be confirmed).

Catch it at the end of October.

Check out the trailer here via Empire Online. Check out the real Paul Potts' first audition below too!