Matthew McConaughey's clearly not happy with having just the one Oscar if this is anything to go by.

Set in during the American Civil War, McConaughey plays a poor farmer-turned-Confederacy soldier who leads an armed uprising and attempts to secede from both the Confederacy and the Union to form an independent state with freed slaves.

Based partially on the true story of Newton Knight and the Jones County rebellion, McConaughey leads a cast that includes our own Brendan Gleeson, Keri Russell, House of Cards' Mahershala Ali and Doctor Who's Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

Here's the first trailer.

So, thoughts? Well, they've basically packed all the battle sequences into one trailer and given us the entire plot - which is a shame. The film was originally slated for release around March of this year, but was pushed back to May 13th. That places it right in the middle of blockbuster territory, nestled in between X-Men: Apocalypse and Captain: America Civil War.

McConaughey's never phoned in a performance, so we can expect something big from him and the supporting cast looks strong as well. Likewise, the story's interesting and should make for some discussion on its release.

Last year's Boyhood proved you don't necessarily have to release a film at any specific time in order for it to be viable as an Oscar contender and it looks Free State of Jones is looking to do something similar here.

Free State of Jones should be released in Ireland around Summer of 2016.