If the trailer for 'Miss Sloane' is anything to go by, two-time Oscar-nominee Jessica Chastain is gunning for a win with latest project.

Here's the official synopsis:

MISS SLOANE is the story a ruthless lobbyist (Jessica Chastain) who is notorious for her unparalleled talent and her desire to win at all costs, even when it puts her own career at risk. The thriller pulls back the curtain on how Capitol Hill games are played and won as Sloane faces off against the most influential powers in D.C

Speaking exclusively to EW, director John Madden is keen to stress that this movie is all about Chastain.

"The central character might be familiar to audiences had that person been a man. In this case, it’s a woman and the movie is totally framed around that character. She is the engine of the movie."

"The first moment I read the script I thought that the role belonged to Jessica. She has a reputation now as an actor that’s in a class — and people expect to see a level of performance from her that’s commanding and detailed and unusual. From tremendous strength and drive on the one hand and fragility and vulnerability on the other. And the scale on this film calls for both of those two things."

Released in the prime of awards season in the US (December 9th), 'Miss Sloane' has yet to be given an Irish date of release, but we can probably expect it in early 2017.

Via EW